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Sun Newspaper 2002

Keep-up pressure on Kodak, say campaigners

Dom Watts is an unlikely consumer champion. Yet, the dad of three from Croydon took on the power and might of Kodak – and won………

His Kodakcamera protest Web site became the focus for a month-long campaign by consumers in search of fair play…..

And in a posting on the Kodak Camera campaign Web site, Internet veteran Dr Laurence Godfrey (Godfrey v Demon Internet Ltd [1999] EWHC QB 244) wrote: “I am very pleased to read that there appears to have been a remarkable U-turn and now you are all going to get your cameras.

Malc – Dom Watts – Dr Laurence Godfrey / 2002 Kodak HQ Hemel Hempstead

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Dom Watts on Working Lunch 2002
Dom Watts interviewed by Gerald Main BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 2002

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